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Best of ...

Best of

Hello yellow onliners ,  okay for those who have been following me on twitter knows what took me so long to update =p

I know it’s a bit late to post such entry  , but you know me I LOVE to share with you almost everything I like , so this post is going to be about two things
Best of beauty products I have used in 2012 and am still using them
And Picture s of my Room after slight changes

But before that I want to share a thought with you

The best thing that you can do to yourself is to have your own time , and when I say your own time it means no phones or whatsoever around you … you decide how you want to spend it , for me I love listening to classic music , I read or I write whatever comes to my mind , and the most important thing .. I  remember  what blessings do I have in my life .. we all need that pause and start appreciating what we have don’t we ?! trust me life becomes more beautiful than you can imagine cause you started realizing good things you have after all

Okay lets get started

Below are the best beauty products I have used

best foundation ! i truly love the coverage 

 i cant live without powder and this one is on the fav list 

 a must have lip gloss trust me ladies it last for long time 

 best perfume BOSS NUIT 

 best eyeshadow palette , was on my wish list ;p

 this kist ladies is a MUST have kit for eyebrows i have got it from Sigma online shop 

 my fav lipstick from MAC

 fav blush from Lancome 

 okay here is a thing that I cant live without , this magical spray i got it from bath&body works fews drops on your pillow and sweet dreams yaay !

another MAC product , Mascara makes my eyes look really attractive 

Now here is few shots of my lovely Room 

 its where i write my post 

thats my relaxation zone i LUV it 

Okay Talk to you Soon 


I loved the intro ... I'm one of those people who love to own their own time ... I seperate my work life & my personal life ... When I leave my work's door that means I'm entering another world ... A world that has only one boss which is ME
Dxvicks said…
Woo thats really good to know... i will try to do that and have a health body haha Thanks <3
Ruby Aktar said…
Love it your blog is amazing :D Nice to share your thoughts :) <3

visit me <3

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