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Share . Learn . Inspire Featured Guest Green Sheikh

This will be my very last post for 2016 and I want it to to be very special for that YESSSS GREEN SHEIKH IS OUR FEATURED  GUEST * How amazing is that * and am truly honored to have the privileged to share his inspiring lessons on my blog

I started reading about Green sheikh years back when my friend Amal Told me about his extraordinary   Experience  " Experiencing how to be buried for 20 Min's Like dead people "

 and here is the shocking Part I did not knew he was from The  royal family since couple of months! I Know I am so outdated . but don't blame me the way how he response to people in public or in social media won't give anyone a clue that his  title as a sheikh , and he is very humble person .

There are so many inspiring people out there who has this sort of vision but to have a clear philosophy is kind of rare , and thats by itself defines your success and how you measure everything you do and how it gets you closer to your goal

Green Sheik Philosophy 

to Inspire All People for Peace for the protection of the Environment , and being an effective leader through through natural self-expression 

Okay I know you guys can not wait to read Green Sheikh answers but here is another great fact about his highness , he is  United Arab Emirates University Graduate *Tacking our hats off * another reason to make me love UAEU even more

Why did you call yourself Green sheikh?

When we born our parents named us and when we grow we create our own new name. The quick answer is that am an ordinary member of royal family from Ajman and felt in love with nature, then I become an extraordinary passionate of the environment. 

 How would you describe yourself in three words ?
 Down to Earth

 What inspires you the most ?
Inspiring young people to be the best they can be and being passionate of inspiration every day.  

The Best decision that you have ever made was
Working remotely in oil and gas operational field. 

Best Quote that you always remember
Don't be a copy create a lobby!

It’s ‪Friday 4:00PM , Green Sheikh usually
If the weather cool and clear I normally enjoy sit or lay down under the trees. 

If you would recommend 3 books to my readers what would they be?
The power of full engagement,Seven habits of high effectively people, and Think & Grow Rich. 

Best way to release stress
Pray and exercise (running under hot weather and swimming in cold water).  

What advice would you give to your 13 years old self?
Believe in myself and never gave up. 

Who is your role model ?
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and my father Sheikh Ali bin Rashid. 

BEST time of the day is
Fajir and late morning. 

Coffee or Tea ?
Cappuccino without sugar. 

When, Where do you usually write ?
Anytime, where it’s quite and green. 

How would you encourage young generation to be more active in volunteering ?
Challenging themselves beyond their limits and not to ask for payback. 

If you were asked to give a unique definition for volunteering what would it be ?

Your All time favorite movie? 
Concussion, Will Smith  

How do you usually spend your time with your kids :)
Playing indoor games, sometimes take them on bike and park, and every Saturday is Father's Day. 

Since one my goals is to become a writer what tips would you give me :)
read more and diverse topics, see few styles of fames writers and learn from them, and you will find the right time to create writing. 

Describe to us how you're PERFECT day is like
Everyday is different and special day, particularly when I see others happy, inspired of what they are doing and contentment of what they love to live and give

Anything else you would LOVE to share with my readers ?
Focusing on things to make them better and not bigger. I believe people can learn to take responsibility for the world and to leave it a better place than they found it. 

To know more about Green Sheikh Project Follow him on Twitter 
you may also find everything about His Highness on his personal website

Don't forget to comment and share what  lessons have you learned from this post and if you have been Green sheikh Fan share how he inspired you ^^ 

Love you


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Anonymous said…
very inspiring ,
When we born our parents named us and when we grow we create our own new name
My fav part

Anonymous said…
thx anoofah
Anonymous said…
thx anoofah
Eng Jaber said…
اختيار مناسب لشخصية ابداعية ، ويعطيج العافية دائما مميزة وقدوة لنا ��❤
latifa Al Kaabi said…
ما شاء الله عليه شخصية رائعة بكل ما تعنيه الكلمه
شكرا نوف وان شاء الله بنشوف لج كتاب باسمج في اقرب وقت
Enjoyed every minute of reading this post! Hope i'll get to meet him one day, the world needs more people like him!
☆ Anoofah said…
Thank you very Much Jaber for Passing by ! you might be next you never know
☆ Anoofah said…
Inshallah Dear
Yes he is a great role model
☆ Anoofah said…
one day we all will sweetie ! INDEED !!!

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