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My Experience with NO Snapchat

kind of awkward  post I know but I thought it would be nice to share my experience with you guys living for almost two weeks without snapchat

How did it start 

I always felt like I have to reduce checking on snapchat , every morning I wake up am like ok where is my phone whats new on snapchat and that is totally unhealthy
So I felt I should stop using it for awhile , after reading Michelle Phan Book specially the social media or digital detox part am like hmmm now it is the right time to do it ,  the same day I finished reading the book I was like Okay this is it! lets delete this App and have little peaceful break

Addiction Symptoms 

sounds serious symptoms huh ? well the first couple of days I would wake up and look for the snapchat app and then am like Woopss I deleted it , then I switched my snapchat addiction to Instagram "Funny how things can go " . right away I figured this is aint going to work so I kept leaving my phone the whole day after coming back from work and keep on living normally  read more and play my sims more :P

keep it simple and real 

the big lesson that I learned from this short experience is that I totally forgot how to live my life simply in away I don't worry about filming recording or whatsoever , better be in the moment with my soul and heart is present at this current moment .


I think the next time I will re-use the snapchat am going to have few rules there , keeping in mind protecting my privacy and my family privacy too

I truly want to thank all of my friends who texted asking and misses my presence of their snapchat timeline , you made me feel really loved and special

what about you my smart readers any plans to take digital break anytime soon  ? don't forget to share your thoughts

Love you


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Digital detox is required for healthy life balance. Good choice. 💜
latifa Al Kaabi said…
بصراحة قبل كنت جيه مدمنه الحين عادي يخطفن الايام ما اشوف السناب، يعني مب مخلتنه الاهتمام رقم واحد عادي اذا ما شفته الحمدلله، بشكل عام تجربة حلوة ، بس خلاصة الموضوع كله "اشتقنالج"❤❤❤❤
I experienced this when i travelled to Tanzania, there was barely any signal and internet over there. Best part is that i enjoyed every moment capturing the beautiful country with my own eyes and memory and the saddest part is that i couldnt share wat I saw with my friends and followers! All and all, it was a nice experience but super challenging!
Khadeeja ِ said…
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Khawla Zeidane said…
Great decision Anoofah!
Sometimes I have the same feelings regarding social media. There are times when I feel myself very attached to my phone and my apps, and forget to get some peace from them! For sure we live in the digital age, and almost everything is conducted via smartphones, but that for certain doesn't mean getting addicted to them!

Your decision is good for your mental health, and I sometimes do the same, seperate myself from the virtual life a little bit!

May Allah bless you and brighten your way.

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