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10 Life Lessons For my Younger Sisters

Its weekend time and as usual me and my younger sister have to do something crazy and  different all together , So we decided that we'll do different hairstyle's and whoever got the best one wins the title of the BEST  hairstyle , anyway the competition started and once we are done , both my sisters agreed that mine was special and I deserve the 1st place !! They both kept saying how did you do it teach us teach us - I was so excited to do so but once the party was over , I thought hairstyle isn't really that valuable lesson which I should teach my younger sisters ,so I brought pencil and paper and thought of writing True life lessons for both of them , and I know how hard it may gets if you would just list 10 ONLY …

* Be a good Believer Allah is always close to those who truly believes that Allah is with them always and forever

* you are Stronger than you may think, even when you are vulnerable      

* Read - Read and always Read

* love = family , family =Love - remember that

* Be a good listener and you'll learn a lot

* Sometimes it is OK to cry   

* Maya Angelo said once " people might forget what you did/said to them , but they will never forget how you made them feel " - remember in Karma when you deal with people

* Stand up for yourself even though your alone - knowing that you are right, Believing  that you are right   is the best weapon

* Don't forget the Real aim for being an educated person - I guess people and even my self  totally forgot what is it .

* Be grateful for who you are and what you have - and My God all the good things will keep on coming to you

Inspired by Modern Mom Article

Share with me life lesson that you would give to others


Faisal Al said…
At the start I would say just it is very organized and amusing as well. It seems that you are more into photography which is great. I was intriguing by the photos as well reading your quotes. Bluntly speaking, if you could add a short paragraphs under each picture or quote that would be marvelous.

Bill Grunau said…
nice list of things to live by. Good idea to add captions to each photo and spread them out. Maybe use each photo as part of the theme. Also if you add alt text and a title to each photo it will get indexed by Google for search results.
If you blog will let you add categories and tags also a good idea for Google. I use WordPress and I'm not familiar with Blogspot, since it is a Google product you would think there is a way to do it.
Anoofa said…
Bill , Faisal thanks for passing by and for your valueable comments :") sure will consider your feedback

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